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Note/Disclaimer: This is a post that is meant to give a quick overview of some of Aomori and not full detail of everything. Aomori is much like a state in the US with a rich past, present, and future to come. I can’t possibly cover everything and getting the tip of everything would be a book.

Name: Aomori
Island: Honshū
Population: 1,475,728
Capital: Aomori (city)
Major Cities: Goshogawara, Hachinohe, Hirakawa, Hirosaki, Kuroishi, Misawa, Mutsu, Towada, Tsugaru


The Aomori Prefecture came into existence in 1871. Aomori Town was established in 1889. The town was incorporated as a city in 1898 with a population of 28,000.

In March 1985, after 23 years of work and investment of 700 billion yen, the Seikan Tunnel linked the islands of Honshū and Hokkaido, becoming the longest tunnel of its kind in the world.

It is also interesting to note that Aomori the capital city was destroyed twice. Once in 1910 due to a massive fire and the other time in 1945 by us a American B29 Bombers during WWII.


Aomori is well known for its tradition of Tsugaru-jamisen, a virtuosic style of shamisen playing.


Aomori is basically snow in the winter months and is known as one of the snowist parts of Japan, even more so than Hokkaido. The heavy snowfall is cuased by several winds that collide around the city makeing the air rise and cool quickly causing thick clouds to form and produce heavy snows. In the summer it is a bit of the same, basically it is a cool summer that causes poor crops and lots of fog.

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