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Note/Disclaimer: This is a post that is meant to give a quick overview of some of Kanagawa and not full detail of everything. Kanagawa is much like a state in the US with a rich past, present, and future to come. I can’t possibly cover everything and getting the tip of everything would be a book.

Name: Kanagawa
Island: Honshū
Population: 8,965,000
Capital: Yokohama
Major Cities: Atsugi, Ayase, Chigasaki, Ebina, Fujisawa, Hadano, Hiratsuka, Isehara, Kamakura, Kawasaki, Minamiashigara, Miura, Odawara, Sagamihara, Yamato, Yokohama, Yokosuka, Zama, Zushi


Kanagawa prefecture has a history going back to the prehistoric age. You can find over 7500 different prehistoric sites in the area from shell and tomb mounds to tunnel tombs. It is considered to be a great place to settle for the ancient peoples of japan because it faces two different bays and has two different mountain ranges towards the inland. It has the best of both worlds and with its mild climate it makes it easy to settle there.

Kanagawa was at the hear to the opening of Japan to the western world. For many years the west came to Kanagawa’s shores and demanded japan open up so they could trade. For a long time japan stuck with its strict seclusion policies, but finally when American Navy officer Commodore Matthew Perry came Japan finally caved and signed the Treaty of Peace and Amity which opened up Japan to the rest of the world.

Essentially Kanagawa was taken down 3 times from earthquake to the Manchurian Incident, and finally by Air Raids in the late 1940’s during World War II. However, through all that Kanagawa became a hot spot for growth of the western culture and modernization of Japan the area grew rapidly in numbers and in wealth. This was a place where many democratic reforms took place and a lot of social changes were made some for the best some not. Overall Kanagawa has one of the most interesting histories in Japan.


I am sorry to say that I am going to ahve to do this in a seperate post at a later date.  I think I found a couple of good sites, but they are in Japanese and my skills aren’t on par to be able to read them yet.  As I learn more I will post on this.  I am truely sorry.


Kanagawa has a mild climate because of the mountain ranges to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east. They kind of fight each other to keep the area in a mild state year round. The avreage tempurature is 16.1C (61 F) with the highest at 35C (95F) and lowest at -0.5C (31.1F).

Interesting Facts

Kanagawa has 6 sports teams

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