Kanji Set 1

by Buddy Lindsey


I am wanting to take the JLPT 4 in December this year so part of that is learning about 100 kanji.  So to start I am going to learn 5 kanji a week and going to post them up here.  I figured I could easily learn 5 a week as long as I keep up with it.  So you know I am starting with the kanji in Genki 1 so the first few are fairly easy and are japanese numbers.

Kanji: 一
Kana: いち
Meanings: One
Stroke Order

Kanji: 二
Kana: に
Meanings: Two
Stroke Order

Kanji: 三
Kana: さん
Meanings: Three
Stroke Order

Kanji: 四
Kana: よん
Meanings: Four
Stroke Order

Kanji: ご
Kana: 五
Meanings: Five
Stroke Order

For some usage please visit my post on numbers:

Numbers in Japanese, with Kanji

If there are any ideas where I can improve please let me know.  Also if you have any study ideas I would love to hear them.


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