Kanji Set 3

by Buddy Lindsey


Here is week 3 of our Kanji to learn.  It is going to get a bit harder now, but not too hard.  Again doing kanji for JLPT 4, so lets get started.

Kanji: 百
Kana: (on) ヒャク,  ビャク,  ピャク
Meaning: hundred
Stroke Order

Kanji: 千
Kana: (on) セン, ゼン
Meaning: thousand
Stroke Order

Kanji: 万
Kana: (on)マン
Meaning: ten thousand
Stroke Order

Kanji: 円
Kana: (on)エン
Meaning: yen; circle
Stroke Order

Kanji: 時
Kana:  (on) ジ  (kun) とき
Meaning: time
Stroke Order


Here is some usage of the above kanji.  Remember for the first 4 look at Numbers in Japanese, With Kanji post, for the last two look below.

– How much something is in yen.

Japanese – ニ千円
English – 2000 yen

– What time it is

Japanese – 六時
English – 6:00 o’clock

You might notice I have changed stuff a bit.  In the kana I have started using the appropriate onyomi and kunyomi kana and pronunciations.  This is important to know as it can mean different things depending on the context of what you are reading.  I am still learning the differences and when to use what, but I am told it eventually comes second nature to people. Also asking my sensei she said that you just have to memorize both meanings and try to use what fits.

Hope you are keeping up or know these already any comments ore help would be appreciated.

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