New Language Learning Resources

by Buddy Lindsey


If you have read my post “How to Learn Japanese” then you probably saw a lot of different resources on there.  Unfortunatly, I have no central place to put them at all for easy access by all.  I just kind of let them sit in that post.  Well today my sensei gave me a new resource a friend of hers is working for graduate school.  I have taken a look at it and am impressed.

The site is:

If you are using the Genki books then this is an excellent resource to utilize.  I am really likeing it as it is a good compliment to other sites and the book.  Getting this site from my sensei is what gave me the idea for the Language Resources page because I needed a place to share links.  So in the future if you need to look for good places to learn stuff maybe try hitting:

Language Resources

It is going to be my goal to make sure if the site dies remove it from the list and to update the list as much as possible when I find new resources.  I have found plenty of lists of sites to learn on that are just massive lists of resources and only half of the links work.  I hope to not run into that problem

If you have any suggestion for a site to add to the list please leave a comment here or on the page or shoot me an e-mail through the contact page.

I am about to leave on a weeks vacation Sunday, but when I get back expect a really cool announcement on something I have been working on and plan to continue to work on with the help of the community.

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