Object Placement – Kore, Sore, Are (これ、それ、あれ) – Video

by Buddy Lindsey


When you get involved in talking about objects around you its useless unless there is a way to reference things without knowing what the object is exactly.  There are 3 main words we use to accomplish this. I’ll briefly hit on these then show you have you watch a video that briefly shows you.

これ (kore) – This is for an object next to you the speaker.
それ (sore) – This is for an object next to the person you are talking to, but NOT next to you.
あれ (are) – This is for an object not near either of you.

Watch this video to get a better idea.  Please excuse the crappiness this is the first ever video I have ever made.

If you need more examples I will gladly come up with more but please try to watch the video and see what you can get from it. And any questions or comments are gladly accepted good and bad.

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