Online Japanese Music Radio Stations

by Buddy Lindsey


There are a lot of different resources I use to listen to japanese audio.  One of them is streaming online stations.  Here are a few I listen to.

This is my favorite station as it plays mostly anime soundtracks and that tends to be more of the Japanese music I like since I watch so much anime.  This one is completely free, but they do wish for you to make a donation.  I have a couple of times since I like it so much. I am a daily listener.

Armitage’s Dimension:
If i had to choose my second most listened to station it would be this one, but compared to Kawaii-radio not a whole lot.  It is also very good, but i just prefer kawaii-radio.  Definitely check it out for a while and see if you like it.

Japan A Radio:
This is another station I like they play a good variety and are a more full fledged actual radio station. It is “free”, but to get the most out of it I recommend paying for it.

If you like JRock then this station is for you.  I don’t tune in a lot, maybe once a week.  From what I have seen they have pretty much everything you need or would want, but then I am not a JRock expert at all.

Another JRock, all JRock, station I don’t listen to this one much, but thought I would mention it since it was referred to me by several other people.

Here are some others I know of, but have never actually listened to or looked at very much.

Hard Core J
Keiichi Extreme Anime Radio
Shinsen Radio
Sars-Fansub Radio

And finally here is a Japanese site with Radio Stations listed. Just click around the map at the top and find a station to listen to.

Updated: (these are radio stations added after the initial post)
91.8 The Fan

What are some radio stations you listen to, or how do you get your Japanese music?

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