Regrouping and Focusing on Attainable Things

by Buddy Lindsey

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One of the hardest parts about learning, blogging, or even living life is losing focus on what you want. Losing site of the goal, getting distracted and veering off course. Over the last year and half I have done that with learning Japanese. Its time to get back on a path and start again. This has had me thinking for a while in order to accomplish what I want to do, where do I need to go?

Finding Your Failings

Before you know where you want to go you kind of need to know where you have been, cliche right, but its true. I started by figuring out I was getting hung up in the monotony learning instead of working for the goals. I have even blogged a few times about keeping your eye on the goals, but even still I got caught up in it and burned myself out.


One of the biggest things in learning Japanese for long term consumption/use is you need to know the kanji, you really do. That has been a major hurdle for me because it is where I constantly get hung up while learning. Vocabulary can be a factor, but not knowing the kanji really limits comprehension of text. So for me kanji is a big deal I need to deal with.

Finding Your Attainable Thing

Knowing kanji is where I need to go it is what I am going to work on. I am going to finish Remembering the Kanji and not do any other type of studying until it is done. For other people to figure out what to work on you have see what is available to you and compare them to your goals. I have the book Remembering the Kanji so it is an easy fit to just jump right in to reach my goal. For you there might be a bit more searching involved, the key is to know where you want to go.

The best way I have found to find my problems that I need to fix is to write down my frustrations on a piece of paper, no typing. Just write them down until I can’t write them anymore they can be paragraphs or sentences or words. Then go through and tag them with a word or two, each frustration can have multiple tags. Then look at all your tags and you should start to see what is most aggravating to you while learning. Fix That.

Hard-work and Guts

Okay, guts maybe not so much, but hard work for sure is what it is going to take. Usually your weakness in an area is there for a good reason, “We, actually, don’t want to do it”. Therefore, it is going to take some hard work and effort to get past it and do what you don’t want to do, but it will be worth it in the end. Take a look at my post Make Your Strengths Your Weakness to get a little more detail on why you should work on one area only for a while.

In the End

So as of this moment I am dedicating my Japanese study time to kanji only, until I get done with remembering the kanji. I have already started over with it using anki and am progressing fairly quickly. I have previously made it through 1100, but most of that I never got in my brain enough to stick for over a year. This time. I will consider myself “done” and ready to move on when every-time I review the kanji move to at least 5 days before its time to see it again.

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