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by Buddy Lindsey

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Learning new verbs is easy, for the most part, but using new verbs is a bit of a pain. This pain leads to apprehension when using Japanese, and trying to use this vocabulary we have never used before. However, only through use can we become comfortable with the verb.

One of the conundrums of new vocabulary is usage. It seems for verbs it is always “Now how does that conjugate for sure”, especially when you just learned the word. This is why we need to practice our conjugation at least a little if only on new verbs, though it can help to do it on all verbs.

The biggest problem with practicing the conjugation is not having an organized way to do it. To solve the problem I present the:

Japanese Verb Conjugation Practice Sheet

So what is it?

It is a simple pdf file that has the 3 most basic verb conjugation almost everything expands on. Long form present, Long Form Past, Te-Form, Short Form present and Short Form Past. it is basically just a worksheet you print off and do in your spare time. Here is an example I did real quick.

Example Japanese Verb Conjugation Practice Sheet

What you do is you set in dictionary form the word you want to conjugate then simply go through filling in the appropriate boxes for the rest. I choose to do the kanji for it and write down whether it is a ru-verb or and u-verb.

If you are still learning these conjugations, or need to, here are some links to help you.
Understanding u-verbs and ru-verbs
Japanese Verb Conjugation Present and Future Tense
Japanese Verb Conjugation Past Tense
Japanese Verb Conjugation Te-Form
Short Form Japanese Verb Conjugation Present Tense
Short Form Japanese Verb Conjugation Past Tense

Download the practice Sheet:
Japanese Verb Conjugation Practice Sheet

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