Top 9 Japanese Language Blogs

by Buddy Lindsey

These are the top 9 language blogs, 9 because I like to be different, I follow.  Some of the criteria I had in choosing these were: detail, post consistency, and up-to-date.  From there it gets more into personal taste, like most lists.  So here we go ready to get started?


9 - – I know this is a podcast, that is why it is number 9, but it is too good of a resource to pass up on giving props to.  I added it because they update everyday and the comments on many of them are really really good to read and get good information from without listening to the episode. (They are now advertisers on this site. This was posted before they became advertisers.)

8 – Rainbowhill Language Lab – This is a great blog for finding resources for learning Japanese.  He posts fairly often on sites that have posted good language posts.  Also he will post language stuff from time to time which is also well worth the read.

7 – Transparent Japanese Blog – This blog made it due to sheer volume of posts.  These are meant to be quick and to the point from what I can tell while subscribed.  There is next to no personality in these posts, but can be effective for quick doses of information.

6 – Nihongo Up – I was apprehensive about this one because it is so very new and focuses mostly on the software that was written.  However, there are also language posts and good ones too.  Plus it doesn’t look like he is going anywhere soon.

5 – Tae Kim’s Blog – I like this blog when it comes to detailed language posts.  When he does Japanese posts, which is often enough, they are good and detailed and very technical, which is fun in a language nerd way.

4 – Nihongo Notes – This blog isn’t solely about Japanese language, much like mine, but he has very good nuggets through out his site.  Plus he also focuses on the culture of japan too which is also important in language development

3 – Tofugu – While he doesn’t post a whole heck of a lot.  When tofugu (koichi) does post language posts they are usually pretty good and easy to understand.  Definitely something I want to get better at, easy to understand.

2 – Hungry For (mostly Japanese) Words – I am a long time reader of Maki’s from Just Hungry and Just Bento. (don’t go to those sites if you are hungry) Anyway once I found out she had a language blog too I was ecstatic because she cooks up some awesome language posts for you.

1 – All Japanese All the Time -This blog is all about language learning and how to do it.  Khatsumoto learned Japanese from nothing to fluency in 18 months and this blog is how he did it.  Is a very good read.  Very good ont he conceptual level of learning. It is a meta-learning (learn how to learn) blog.

For some Japanese Language Twitterers visit Nihongo Notes.

What are some blogs you recommend for learning Japanese that should have gone on this list? This is all my opinion and I have been known to be wrong so tell me where.

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